About Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies

Sasquatch Investigation of the Rockies Mission Statement

Our mission is to respect, recognize, protect, educate others and assist the Sasquatch
people by all means possible as they become known to the world.

We will assist with responsible legislation towards their protection and right to co exist
freely amongst us. We will help with all types of assessments of their needs and requirements
based on facts and field experience.

Finally, we will continue to seek their trust and friendship as we grow and learn more about
each other over time.

Here’s our goals at Sasquatch Investigation of the Rockies:

1. We want to give you a source to report encounters that will be taken seriously and responded to in a timely fashion, if requested.

2. Your encounter reports are a key piece to S.I.R. because it keeps us up to date with current and past locations of activity and we heavily document and research all credible reports we get.

3. We want to have the most state of the art equipment for documentation of these animals, so we offer products to generate funding for our research.

4. We want to educate the public through our research with full disclosure.

Sasquatch Investigators - Bigfoot Welcome

The photo below is a collage that was created by Tony Lombardo as a gift for our 2013 Christmas party was so well done I just had to include it on the website. Tony is a very talented man.

It shows some of the evidence we have found over the years and shows his talent with a camera. It also shows the relaxing nature and serene beauty of what we do and why I love it so much.

This day I am enjoying a quiet moment I often do as a light rain shower passes over head. This collage captures the true essence of who we are, what we are and what we are doing. We truly are the luckiest people in the world and I never forget it. This is why.

Sasquatch Investigations Of The Rockies Photo Collage

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Todd Kennedy February 25, 2012 at 3:27 pm

I have been very interested in this since I was given a business card by one of your members.


Paul Luther February 27, 2012 at 3:05 am

If there is ever an event in the field that you would are looking for volunteers, please contact me.


tom October 21, 2012 at 8:11 pm

hi sir, im new to the ft collins area, have lived in the sierra nevada for 20 years, spend all my xtra time in the woods, my wife and i are avid expeienced explorer, and have had a few experiences, no sighting, but sign prints etc, and howls. would love to get involved, tell me how best re tom


Matthew Chandler October 22, 2012 at 2:53 am

I am interested. i watch finding bigfoot when i get the chance


Jonathon Person January 21, 2013 at 6:06 am

Hi there, I just did some research and found your page today and after looking at several other sites and reading about their history and what they were all about, some sites out there make a big joke of the entire Sasquatch phenomenon and they don’t even really look at the evidence to see if it is real or a fake. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not naive enough to think every reported sighting is real, I do know there are people out there who try to just make a big mo chary of the entire thing, and that really angers me because the people such as you and myself included want to know and find out the truth. I will say that I love your site and I am all in if you ever need a volunteer. Thank you so much


Jeff of SIR April 13, 2013 at 4:59 pm
Jeannette La Tulippe July 2, 2013 at 6:11 am

I had a sighting of an orb at 11:03 P.M on June 11th. It lasted for a long time and it changed colors (long story). On June 28 late at night or early morning I heard several ongoing calls that I’ve never heard in this vicinity before. I’ve heard recordings of alleged Bigfoots and this sounded like one. I couldn’t get up. My husband heard it too and he couldn’t get up either. There were a lot of coyotes howling. This foot print may be legitimate or it may not but I saw it neither where I nor my husband had been walking. It was a barefoot print. I put my hand in it and felt the two outer most right toes. The footprint was 14″ long, 6″wide and about 2″ deep. I’d like to attach the pictures of the footprints but I tried to copy & attach but it didn’t work out.


Keith Bearden aka KBHunter August 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm

Nice site all! Good to see a few of my friends here! Good luck on your research, maybe we can share data!


Jeff August 16, 2013 at 5:12 pm

Hi Keith good to see you found us. Been a busy summer for all of us with S.I.R. . Keep checking back for New updates on what we are finding and we well chat more on line. Jeff- S.I.R.


Ian September 23, 2013 at 8:34 pm

Has your group ever consulted with Native Americans (Indians) in regards to what the Sasquatch is too them? Have any of you ever spirit walked thru the mountains? If you know what I mean than probably if you don’t than please don’t judge me but it might help your quest. If you hold a religion within you it doesn’t help, only hinders your abilities to feel them (see them). Does anyone in your group have Native American or Scandinavian (sammi, finno or karilian mix) lineage and if so what do they feel when looking for Sasquatch, you may be interested in what they feel. You can’t see them unless they want to be seen by you and if they don’t you’ll know it if you know how to feel them because they certainly know how to feel (see) you. I have shyed away from this subject having spent my childhood in Bellingham Washington where the bigfoot is a character of boogy man status and folklore intermixed with people’s religious view points and racial biased toward the Natives which turned the subject in to a comedic tragedy. But having purged myself of the religion that guilts (fears) everything I have had my eyes openned somewhat and what a wondeful world we live in where so many other very intelligent beings abound within our very midst especially out in the mountains. It helps to be related to them even if the relationship is merely a shadow within the DNA strand it still helps. Re-think the Neandertal subject in its entirety and you’ll know or at least be able to reason out what the Sasquatch really is don’t believe anything science tells you about the Neandertal. Good luck and walk in love and you may see them without fear either projected from them or from yourself. They have the ability to project fear upon you which essentially makes them disapear within your direct vision even tricking you into seeing what isn’t there. A camera helps of course, they can’t trick the camera. Practice using your side vision (peripheral) as often as possible, incidentally T.V. damages this ability on purpose, so don’t watch too much television. Between the side vision and our direct pupil vision lies a fight or flight fear response within our eyes ability to perceive the world around us. Without the peripheral vision we would have never lived long enough to reproduce because we would have been easy prey to predators and other agressive humans. The Sasquatch takes advantage of this fear response by projecting fear upon the hiker, hunter or when they’re simply walking thru town usually at night. Some are very thin but stooping and get a real shock when I wave and mouth a hello at them, you can tell they’re a bit unnerved so I reasure them with mental pictures of what I think might calm them. Plus upon feeling their projected fear I do not reflect it back but absorb it and render it with love. Sounds corny but it really works. They’re highly intelligent especially evident if they answer you back in like kind because they answer in mental pictures and they perceive their world far better and with more sensory perseptions than we do or posess the ability to perceive unless thru their thought patterns. I even had a young female a couple of years ago come in to our house and spend a few days upstairs. I felt so comfortable with her around that I put our infant daughter to bed up there and sent a mental picture that is was o.k. for her to come out of hiding and look at our baby, they are ferrocious but gentle. She was only five foot three or four and very slender and cat like in her movements. She wasn’t too fond of my presence but she was very curious after I spent a few minutes talking to her on the other side of the hedge in our neighborhood. Keep in mind I can only do this since I have purged myself of Christianity and the related thought patterns of such religions. If you are interested in more of my scant but very enlightening experiences I’ll coorespond with you albeit my spelling sucks, but I won’t put up with Christians or the other related religions or their misconscrued (sic) and limiting views on this matter. I have friends to make who aren’t within that realm of hate which you cannot have if you want to see and experience the Sasquatch. They have been taught this ability to project fear as a safe guard to their safety. If you have ever met someone who tells about running out of the woods because of an unseen terror that left them running for the car or to reach the back door to their cabin than chances are it was their own run-away fear originally generated by projected fear from a Sasquatch who was merely hunkered down near by and didn’t want to be seen or stumbled upon. This is one of the reasons Shamans have to overcome fear or at least practice daily keeping it in check, it’s super easy if you know the difference between real love and the stuff Christians and hollywood try to pass on as love. It would be very beneficial to your research if you looked in to the multiple findings of what is being called Neandertal remains being found in Palistine. The Isrealis can’t dig up anything to justify their presence in the lavant but they keep digging up treasure troves of Neandertal like remains. The only time they come up with something seemingly substantially jewish it looks like it was made by the same contractors who built bible land in Florida. Look into why this religion is where it is along with the other equally fear mongering religions and you’ll get an understanding of why the Sasquatch ‘phenomenon’ is so vehamitelly repressed. Sorry for my terrible spelling and sorry this is so long but I never ever, never ever… get to talk with anyone or let alone join in when I hear someone else talk about bigfoot because my viewpoint and experiences don’t resemble theirs in the least bit. So either I’m crazy or I’m on to something either way I don’t care to talk to anyone about this if their judgement is guided by religion and that includes the pagans who really are a little more open minded but still clouded by a belief system. Good luck hunting for bigfoot. I was out last week trying to fill my archery tag but felt very little in the way of Sasquatch but I’m going to get one more day in before the end of the season this Saturday in an area where I’ve felt them long ago, here on the western slope of Colorado the old sheep herders have some tales to tell about bigfoot but they’re out there with Rugers and high powered rifles, they miss the point entirely and give into the projected fear, I don’t anymore or at least I certainly wouldn’t use my firearm on a Sasquatch. In Bellingham back in the seventees two of my dad’s friends got into a lot of trouble charging tourists to take them on back roads and the one of the brothers would jump out and run accross the road dressed like bigfoot. Can you imagine how you would feel if you shot one and a film crew emerged from the woods wondering why you killed their stunt man dressed up like bigfoot or many various other scenarios. I have learned far more about these hominids thru study and disimination of evidence than I have in the mountains. Like I stated earlier I’ve conversed with a little lady Sasquatch on Colorado Ave. right downtown Glenwood Springs wheras in the woods all I get is projected fear upon me, it’s a bit annoying but I deal with it. I suppose one day they’ll recognise me but they’ve been taught to avoid us for a reason and it’s a pretty sound reason given our nature towards them in the past. Plus my own life’s experiences have left me with a very agressive presence that I have to suppress in order to perceive them and make them feel comfortable around them. Once this is done I can walk thru the woods pretty much at ease becasue they are at ease, interesting huh? I am not in anyway teasing or jesting or making fun of your endeavours, I take this subject so seriously that I do not join in conversations that lead to this even among family or friends unless they understand shamanic practices of being and thinking than I might open up a little verbally in person. Walk in love with everything around you and don’t allow fear anymore than a butterflies tickle on your cheek and you will perceive them in your peripheral vision but don’t look directly at them because they’ll simply disapear and leave you wondering about your sanity or maybe seeing an eye doctor.


val January 8, 2014 at 7:23 am

Ian, I was sad to read what you had to say about Christians. I am Orthodox Catholic, but I believe Sasquatch exists, a creature of God’s creation like the rest of us, who desires only to live in peaceful seclusion. I didn’t have to “get rid of my religion” to believe. Belief in God does not preclude belief and acceptance of Sasquatch as a remarkable living creature. Last week, I watched a show in which a scientific expedition searched for Sasquatch around a hunting cabin that’d been vandalized by one of them, they were able to collect hair, tissue and blood samples from a board with nails in it, set in front of the door to prevent another attack. It took a while for DNA to be resolved from the samples, and the DNA is identical to human DNA except for one aspect, the same lone aspect that makes chimpanzee DNA different from human DNA. So, they are like us, just a little different. I don’t think any of that, conflicts with my spiritual beliefs and my spiritual perception of all that exists.


Ian January 8, 2014 at 11:13 pm

Val, I’m sorry if I upset you. I am trying to figure out what is going on. I am really trying, and the letter above that I sent into this website is the first time in my life I have ever put into words either verbal or in writing in regards to my experiences. I should have written the letter then sat on it for a year until either it matured or I matured. This whole thing is coming to a head for me. I have a great deal of hatred instilled in me from experiencing a christian upbringing that may have been more of a conditioning program from what my younger sister who holds degrees in social services and psychology has expressed to me; she says we were being tortured mentally and physically. Neither of us know why. I suppose I’ve thrown my hat in the ring, Sasquatch wise and there probably is a reason why beyond my current understanding, but I’m knee deep into it now. I’m sorry I wrote in absolutes in regards to religion but I’ve come to this conclusion because it has helped me a great deal to dump the religion. I do hope your experience in the catholic church was a rewarding one as so many people may attest too. This whole Sasquatch thing has me flustered beyond belief but I’m heading in full bore and its awesome. I’ve learned so much from parusing this website and a few others plus watching youtube videos. Wow, I never recognized the things that have been posted here about Sasquatch behavior before, I’ve been all over the mountains (AZ,WA,CO,ID,Tetons,around Reno,Camp Pendelton,little in Oregon) and I’ve often found myself in areas where I could feel the presence of them and see the weird tree formations and breakings but I always passed it off as normal weather related destruction or odd structures probably built by hunters or boyscouts but the feelings I got in those areas are definetely weird, and if I can claim to be experienced on one thing ‘weird experiences’ is it. It’s going to be a very interesting hunting season next August and fall. I’ve got a lot of field work to do retracing my paths where I’ve seen and felt so much. I still don’t trust them much and I have a feeling this will stick for a while. Recently I saw one in town, it was about 5ish in the evening, I was following my three year old daughter who had run around the corner to the left to go home from a friends house and I looked accross the street and in my paripheral vision there he was just idely walking down the sidewalk towards me from accross the fourway stop. I can’t make out the facial features and I can only see what is moving (legs) and at first glance all I see is the outline but I could feel his projected thoughts follow my daughter around the corner. It made me uneasy and I thought expressed to him “don’t even think about it”. I got a weird feeling back, not bad not good more of a “really, really, really”. So needless to say this is a very weird thing to experience and I’m a pretty pragmatic guy and when it’s evening time with cars driving along the street and there’s a big Sasquatch just casually walking down the street and no one can see him, what the F is going on? Can you really blame me for not being able to express myself very well in this reagards to Sasquatch? Thank you for your feedback and critisism of my post, it’s absolutely o.k. and my sanity appreciates the conflicting viewpoints, to each her/his own. Good luck and walk in love.


Erik August 21, 2015 at 5:42 am

My name is Erik I live in the Glenwood Springs area. I like the way you think. I want to chat with you about Bigfoot and Native American sacred areas hit me on Facebook or email erikstidom@gmail.com being very serious


Bill Allen October 27, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Interesting rant you have going on there Ian, looks like can actually speak some Squatch.
Allow me to elaborate.

I once saw, then chased a Bigfoot to the side of a cliff in Woodchute Winderness area above Jerome, AZ.

Chasing is my words, it was obviously just toying with me, that was until it realized it was cornered with nowhere to run. At this point it wrapped itself around a lone pine tree on the side of the cliff and literally blended in. Still not sure I was really seeing what I thought I saw, I decided to rush the tree. Bad idea, I was literally stopped in my tracks with fear. At 25 feet I could just make out the features of the Bigfoot, but still not believing my own eyes I decided to make another bull rush. Got within 15 feet and I was stopped dead in my tracks, frozen in the most intense fear of my life. Mind you I was not actually fearing for my life like being chased by a Grizzly bear, more of the “inability to move” type of fear.

At this point the only thing I could move was my eyes. As Ian suggest above, using only peripheral vision, I could clearly see this thing had wrapped itself around the trunk of the tree with its arms up in the branches. If I looked directly at it, it sort of blended into looking just like a tree trunk. I visually played with the duality of this image several times before I decided to stick with peripheral vision and have a look at its face. Whoa, no doubt about it, I was face to face with a Sasquatch.

My next thought was how cool it this, be cool and maybe he’ll be cool. We were definitely feeling each other out at this point, I sensed no aggression from him, (somehow I knew it was male) so I apologized for be aggressive and bull rushing him when he was cornered. Apology accepted with no words exchanged, a noticeable ramping down of the frozen fear thing. I realized he was telepathic and surprise, surprise, so was I. A moment of clarity followed (I have no explanation) then I asked him to open his eyes, he replied “Really” and I swear we both had a little telepathic chuckle.

No … I thought … that’s OK, nice meeting you but I’m going to go now.
I turned and simply walked away, never looking back.

As I calmly walked away I sensed that there where more Bigfoot about, watching, they didn’t follow me but I felt there presence. It was like they couldn’t help but project at least a little residual fear. Their fear projection was distinctly different then then the big man I had a conversation with, but I swear if I encountered this tribe again I could tell them all apart. Uncanny!

This spring my wife finally talked me into bringing her up to Squatch country, she wanted to see where they live. She’s not a believer but she likes to hear me tell the story. So I took her for a short hike up Woodchute trail until she got tired. When we turned around and came back down, right in the middle of the trail, we were rewarded with 4 of the deepest best defined Bigfoot tracks I have ever seen.

It freaked her out big time!
She thought I had a friend of mine follow us and make them.

Little does she know … I did.


Ian November 6, 2013 at 9:22 pm

Bill Allen

Thank you Bill, it’s been a long and lonely life with my experiences that I cannot talk to anyone about. Thank you for helping me not feel ‘crazy’, it really means a lot more than I could possibly express in words. We live in such a wonderful world of wonder and increadable experiences and now that you’ve admitted to seeing thru their minds you can see the world from a different perspective. This tribe is not to be trusted fully thou. Taking your wife into the woods to hunt Sasquatch is wondeful I wish my wife would be open to that as well but I know she would have to spend years as I have training to see them but with that said if I were invited below to their domain I would graciously decline. I have been shown how they live and what they eat, it’s nowhere for us to be. They are not intentionally dangerous to us but the lines were drawn between us so long ago that it will take people like you and me and the wonderful people of this site to bring our families back together in mutual respect but be prepared for a horror show. I believe it will take this unity to bring humanity full circle again. I have just returned from visiting family and I have received a great deal of love and support in getting my book written. What was originally going to be a non-fiction account of how to see and feel the Sasquatch thru Shamanic practice has now bloomed into a novel that may have to be written in fictional terms because who would believe what I am writing. It’s probably better that way but I will be sure to let fellow Sasquatch lovers know what is and what isn’t fictional so as not to diswade them or mislead them in their understanding of our Sasquatch bretheren. Hold love in your heart and walk in love with all your surroundings and you will find our bretheren walk the same paths. Kinda corny but to those who dare to try it beware if your not one bad mother f#er capable of knowing the difference between your fear and something else’s you may end up on the menu-don’t mess with squatch, no joke, and keep your kids close too! My kid and soon to be new one are being raised as back country Vikings are yours, if so they’ll do just fine in the woods? I can walk in love because I’m armed, I’m a bit of a hippy but not stupid, search for our bretheren with great care and you’ll emerge from the mountains enriched from your experiences search as a fool and you may not emerge from the mountains at all.


val January 8, 2014 at 7:28 am

I would love to read that book, Ian, written exactly as you experienced it. Don’t worry about whether anyone believes you. Only you and God know what your true experiences are, and no one should judge them or you. There are many more people who do believe, than those who don’t; they just don’t talk as loud and rude as non-believers. Please keep us posted about publication!


Ian January 8, 2014 at 11:25 pm

Val, Boy oh boy, it’s compelling now to write. I can’t sleep unless I get something out on paper and boy is it shit. I can type pretty fast not well but fast so that helps. Oh boy is it something and very healing as well. I am so happy I found this website, it has given me a better outlook on life. There are aweful things going on in the world but this experience is helping me to see and appreciate what is right in front of me and my world is beautiful. I’ll say one thing about Sasquatch when they’ve passed by I know it and they can sure lay me bare inside, very humbling. It’s a good thing I’m not a proud person because they let me know ‘I’m not all that’. I so look forward to getting this done I’ve got hundreds of pages so far, no kidding. I parused my Word Docs and in the File Tab I can see how many pages and words populate a document, I was amazed at how much I’ve written without even really thinking about it, just letting it flow out of me. It has also been very difficult on me emotionally. A lot of things are coming out at inopertune times (memories). But I am dealing with them and oddly enough as much as I don’t trust Sasquatch I believe they are actually helping me, strange. I’m heading out early this saturday 4ish to get up where I need to be and back in time to be daddy while mom’s out. I am expecting something, not sure what but I get the feeling this Saturday may be interesting. Thanks for the support it means a lot. Walk in Love


joseph rojas December 6, 2013 at 8:43 pm

This is the first time I ever told anyone,but I know if I can talk to you about what I heared in Pueblo Colorado.
What I heared and smelled, I will never forget it. This was about 6 years ago and I still remember it well.
I never have been back since then. Some day I would like to go back and look around. I am Native American by birth.
In Colorado this summer I will be taking my daughter out camping and I am going to look for this bigfoot.


Ian December 9, 2013 at 6:23 pm

Small excert from a book by Dr. Ed Fusch entitled
“Seweneytl And The Stick Indians Of The Colville”:
Choanito, Sc’wanay’tex and Skanicum

To the Wenatchee Indians he was known as “Choanito” or “Night People.”
Many Indians believed that Skanicum could turn into a tree. This belief derived from their interaction with him.

It is reported that a group of Indians followed Skanicum to a ravine through the bottom of which flowed a creek with the usual heavy growth of trees, brush, willows, etc. They sat down on the hillside where they could see the entire area including the hillsides. After a little while when Skanicum did not leave the ravine, some of the Indians went down into the ravine while others maintained vigilance from their vantage point. A complete and thorough search of the ravine yielded no sign of Skanicum, only trees, and they were certain that he could not have left the ravine without being seen. No Indian would dare to start chopping into the trees with an ax. Today, the Indians know all too well that Skanicum’s color and natural camouflage enables him to stand motionless against a tree and be nearly imperceptible.

Submitted comment: from Ian
It’s not just their color or texture of their hair that allows them to disappear before our eyes. If these Wenatchees had entered the ravine in ‘love’ at least one of them would have observed the Sasquatch hiding. Chances are they walked right past it. This was probably a good thing for both parties involved. I wonder what the Wenatchee’s fear meter was reading. I’ll bet these hunters were scared out of their minds which would actually help the Sasquatch to stay hidden. Love energy renders fear useless, and this would have allowed the hunter to see the hidden Sasquatch with his periferal vision. Of course given the nature of their meeting the Sasquatch would have probebly gone apeshit, yes please pardon the pun. The poor hunters unable to see their asailant would have been torn to pieces. Since previewing this website I have recognized a lot of the marking techniques used by the Sasquatch. There is an area within a close walk from my town/house that I am going to revisit soon. I tried to explain the tree breaks as wind but nothing made sense given the age of the fallen trees their direction of fall and the fungus growing on them. Beatle killed pines still standing while equally sized healthy trees next to the beatle killed were twisted around and snapped down. Nothing made sense and the tree breaks have been weighing on my mind a lot lately as if someone were trying to tell me something, odd I know. Something I didn’t disclose in my first post on September 23rd about the female Sasquatch who spent a few days upstairs in my house. My mother who is 1/2 Nez Perce, 1/4 Algonquin and a 1/4 French was staying with us for the holidays. Somehow this female got into the house and upstairs to a back room used for storage. The mental pictures I got aside from the constant fear projection was that she felt comfortable because she felt she was around family. Sadly there were other images shown to me as well, one the most important images I will not share. I’m not playing games it just involves some very bad people doing very bad things that they shouldn’t be doing. This poor thing was starving to death and the people who she escaped from are horrible people. Sadly there was little I could do but keep my distance and hope she left soon. She was more human than Sasquatch from my inicial sight of her. Hybridization is actually quite common especially if it’s being done on purpose. I think she left after a few days because I couldn’t feel her presence anymore. I told my wife the first day that there was a cat women upstairs. She’s kinda used to that kind of thing from me. She knew I was serious, and asked “is she dangerous?” I said, “no”, and meant it. I never told my mom who has suffered a lifetime of Christian conditioning and in the past things like this simply gain a response I didn’t care to hear in my own house. My mom’s upbringing was the usual native schooled mind f@cked abuse that went on back then. She is no longer and may have never been within her right mind and heart due to the abuse she suffered being born on the reservation. I suppose I am very, very lucky and the familiarization of the female upstatirs who sent mental pictures of feeling secure being near family was something that has weighed heavily upon my heart. I wish there had been something I could have done to help her, maybe I did, just a little before she left to maybe die out in the December cold.


Scott Barta February 28, 2014 at 8:38 am

The photo of Mike Johnson looking out of the front of the outfitters tent is capturing his essence more than anyone wioll ever know but me and him. Our friendship was established in 1967 I originally thought 1966 but I stand corrected. It has been 47 years not 48. Peace Scott F. Barta


Tyson F. Gautreaux June 20, 2014 at 8:50 am

I just want to mention I am very new to blogs and absolutely enjoyed you’re page. Most likely I’m going to bookmark your blog post . You definitely come with awesome article content. Thanks for sharing with us your web-site.


Graham Wellington June 24, 2014 at 4:44 am

Does anyone know how to court a female Sasquatch? I want one to mate with so we can create a highly athletic child. Also, if this would be possible, do you think it would be dangerous?


burton bailey July 3, 2014 at 8:13 pm

I have been fortunate to have had several encounters with the legendary mountain apes of Colorado. When I was about 12 or 13. My mother and I were on a drive home near Rifle, Colorado it was dusk and the sun was going down. We were just passing a section of the cat tails off the side of the road moving abruptly in front of us. Suddenly out of the cat tails emerges this giant hairy biped maybe 8ft tall lookin right at us, it then looks back towards the cat tails and signals for another smaller one maybe 5ft tall to come forward. The big one took 4-5 steps and completely cleared the roadway into the cattails on the other side. The smaller one took several more steps than the big one and was right behind it. My mom screams and I jump. We were close enough to tell you that these were not bears, bears dont run on two legs. They were both a reddish brown color, similar to a cinnamon brown bear. They were very muscular under the hair and shaggy. You could see muscle definition very well under the hair. Ever since this encounter, I have been a believer and have since gone on to researchand search for them myself. This was my only sighting but I have come across foot prints near my fishing areas along the eagle river and have heard weird “whistling” and tree breaks while out camping by red table mountain. We went camping last weekend for my 30th bday and when we went on a nature walk we found a few trees pulled down to the ground and tied together with its own branches, lots of broken branches at the 7ft to 9ft marks on trees and what seemed to be a tree graveyard.(very creepy area) Lots of em were uprooted and 1 was upside down in the ground with roots exposed with the tree seemingly pounded into the ground. I couldnt find any tool marks on or near the tree, the ground had been mashed up with foot prints all around it too. I think I found a great location to post up for future sightings and will post my findings. We did find a lot of deer scat and cat scat too in here but I dont see any deer or cats breaking trees down at these heights as well as these tree trunks being pretty thick to just break from rubbing.


Hattie December 31, 2014 at 7:12 am

I constantly spend my half an hour to read this blog’s articles
or reviews daily along with a mug of coffee.


Daniel Carriker III April 9, 2015 at 3:39 pm

I am a big fan of THE T.V. Finding Bigfoot.On animal planet.Yes I would like to meet Bo Bo, Renee Cliff & Matt,of the B.F.R.O.,THANK YOU Daniel Carriker III.


james thomas July 12, 2015 at 3:46 pm

I love your perspective on Bigfoot. To me its all about love, respect,and acceptance toward them. You even talk about these aspects when you talk publically or on your website. This tells me that your not hypocrites and also conveys to Bigfoot that youre genuine. If they are psychic like some believe, they are able to see/hear every word you are deseminating to the public. Keep up the great work.


John Roitsch April 2, 2016 at 10:52 pm

Would like to become a member.


John Roitsch April 2, 2016 at 10:56 pm

Would like to become a member.
Experience years ago with my grandfather.
Have always believed.
Have friends with more recent encounters.
We all believe.


Russell Ladmore April 20, 2017 at 1:50 am

Hey Mike , hope your well mate , all the best for the new year !


John Knight April 28, 2017 at 2:57 pm

Most, if not all, sightings of Sasquatch or Bigfoot are gnostic overlays of the visual cortex via advanced alien technological means. So what you’re seeing isn’t actually there, it’s all in your head! Which explains the lack of photographic evidence, you can’t photograph something that isn’t actually there, even though you ARE seeing it. Get it?


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