David Ottke – Sasquatch Investigator in Colorado

Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Field Researcher David OttkeDavid Ottke of Aurora, Colorado is a dedicated researcher and investigator at SIR. He has been investigating the Sasquatch mystery since 2006. He has attended expeditions and conferences in Colorado, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Utah, Wyoming and Arizona.

He and Mike became good friends in 2008 when they meant on a Bigfoot outing. They have camped and investigated Sasquatch many times since then throughout Colorado. They attended the Honobia conference together in 2011.

David brings great casting ability to the group. He also brings wit, skepticism, and great stories as a part of his repertoire, which are always welcome around our campfire. He is easily recognized when he is out and about because he has outline of Patty stenciled on his Toyota Tundra truck that he proudly displays.

He is our elder statesmen of the group. We appreciate his friendship and his contribution to our group. Plus, he makes a darn good cup of coffee on those cold mornings when its really needed.

Here’s some of my Bigfoot research articles:

This Colorado Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Field Report shows a series of photographs taken when Dave Ottke, his grandson, and I went out for a one night camp out on Saturday 10/13/2012 to our Central Colorado location. It was an eventful trip. This is an important report because I want to show you how […]