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Scott Barta - Sasquatch / Bigfoot ResearchersI have known Michael Johnson since 1966. After graduating college I moved to Aurora, Colorado in 1987.

Mike and I worked for the same Insurance Company for four years. When I moved back to Kansas in 1991 he had talked to me about his interest with Sasquatch and in late 1990’s he advised me of seeing a Sasquatch in the Pikes Peak region.

Frankly, I was not very responsive to it. Over the years we would camp around and he would usually bring it up but not every time. Little did I know he was looking at all the camp spots we went to. He just did not announce it to me or whom ever was with us.

Now when I say camp spots when you are with Mike Johnson that can be an extremely remote and beautiful location. I have had the pleasure of camping and traveling the Colorado Rockies with a true modern mountain man. He is like a tour guide pointing out the topography of the area we are in or going through.

He is a careful, well thought out outdoors man. Most of what I said about Mike applies to Scott Walter as well. Scott and I have only known each other since the first excursion and I like what I see, very technically sound. Mike, however, is at a different level than anyone I have been around concerning the mountains. That includes Fauna, Flora and waterways. The list is endless.

Well in 2009 Mike went on an expedition and Scott Walter was there as well. I called him afterward and he said I had to go with him. We went in July of 2009 and I was going in with my mind as a “zero believer”.

I was open minded because of Mikes credibility with me but I felt I would punch holes in what they were telling me. I openly was known as the non believer. That lasted for one night. Let’s just say they would ask me to put a percentage on where I was on believing. The percentage went to 50% by day two. By the fourth night of a five night stay I was 99% believer. It’s hard to be a 100% when you have not actually seen one to the degree that Mike has, as Scott Walter will attest.

As we were leaving our site I told Mike I wanted to go back up. We postponed my plane flight a week and we went to his home for the weekend and then went back up for another six days. Now, after countless excursions, which are much harder for me to make due to my proximity, I have had a litany of life changing experiences.

I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Mike, Scott Walter and our other S.I.R. researchers. The things I have witnessed and heard are not sounds or behaviors of anything or anyone you come across in Kansas or anywhere else for that matter.

However, these special sanctuaries in the mountains are rife with strange goings on and small minutiae of events that unless you are tuned into you will miss. The one thing I do know is there is no Wizard, and not even a man behind the curtains pulling the strings.

I have not had to experience everything vicariously. I have actually had a front row seat to the greatest phenomenon on earth. I know I am closing the gap on that 1%.

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