Trenton Johnson – Colorado Junior Investigator

Bigfoot Researcher TrentonTrenton Johnson has been investigating the Sasquatch with his dad for over 5 years now and is an integral member of S.I.R. Nation.

He is an avid camper. He favorite things to do are camping with SIR, looking for Bigfoot evidence, riding his Diamond back BMX bike, riding his San Clemente long board, and talking on his iPhone to girls.

He has seen a 10 foot Sasquatch hunched behind our dome tent standing swaying side to side run away when he tried to wake his dad. He has had pine cones thrown at him. He had an Aspen branch left for him on the outfitters tent in NW Colorado and has saw numerous eye shine in two of our locations. He has been gifted as well by our Central Colorado group.

He has seen and experienced more than most seasoned Sasquatch researchers. He goes where his dad goes because he loves it. He knows, he is not just a believer. Sasquatches love kids and young adults.

Trenton at 13 is a welcome addition to the S.I.R. tradition of trying to be a responsible and respectful citizen of the forest. Its kids like this, that are the future of this endeavor is our thought. At S.I.R. , if they personally want it, we encourage them to have relationships with our forest friends the same as we do.

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