Commonality Of Bipedalism

Commonality of Bipedalism:  The fact or condition of being human

I am one of those who think like Nobel, that humanity will draw more good than evil from new discoveries.” ~ Marie Curie

For over 400 years people in North America have been talking about an elusive something in our woods and forests.
Consistent descriptions of this elusive being have continued even to modern times.

Behavior, visual descriptions, sounds, smells and prints have been consistently reported. Our imagination has been captured
by the sensational coverage of our media.

Hoaxes have fueled our attention in our society.  The science community has largely ignored this phenomenon due to the sensational aspects of this mystery.

For many years now a few brave and curious individuals have researched this phenomenon. With their discoveries they have continued their quest for answers about this mystery. Why would they continue?

They have found enough evidence to convince them that there is something BIG, HAIRY and WALKING ON 2 LEGS in North America’s woods and forests.  Many of these individuals have documented their findings.  Some of these researchers have
found some shared common characteristics.

We at SIR would like to share with you our stories of their humanity.  It is these stories that have convinced us that the
world of humanity is much bigger than we thought.

Robin Roberts Story

In the 1 ½ years of actively going out and researching this amazing being I have had several incidents that have pointed out the human side of Bigfoot.  What has truly surprised me was the intelligence of them.

They are human smart and in many cases smarter than most people.  There is a reason why they have been so elusive.
Our woods and forest is their domain and we are the visitors when we venture into these areas.

Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 1One incident that occurred last summer made me think of their intelligence, resourcefulness and humanity.

It made me rethink my perception of them from a creature to a being.

In July, I and another female investigator Theresa Yelek camped at a regular campground.

We placed our tent right against the fence line that separated the campground from the forest.

We had a very interesting Saturday night before falling asleep.

We heard them walking around our campsite and even our neighbors commented on hearing something big and noisy but they didn’t know what it was.

The next morning I walked around the campsite to see if I could see any impressions.

As I was walking around something didn’t seem right.  It finally occurred to me that the fire pit didn’t look right.

I had made a fire the night before and when we were done I had poured water onto it to drown out the coals and embers.

That morning when I looked the embers and coal was scattered around inside the fire pit.

Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 2 I walked around the pit and saw pieces of coal scattered on the outside of the fire pit.

I knew there shouldn’t be any on the outside.  We had been very careful with our fire.

I followed a trail of dropped bits and pieces of the coal towards our tent that was by the fence.  The coal was not there the day before or on Friday.

I had checked the whole campsite when we had set up.  Neither Theresa or I had removed any embers or coal from the fire pit.

It hit me that they must have taken some of the coal while walking around the night before.  In the past I remembered my grandmother talking about using charcoal for tummy aches.  I have no doubt that they were there to gather supplies that would be hard to find in the forest.  How resourceful.

Bigfoot Research Bipedalism 3Figuring out to come into a campground for an almost impossible resource is smart, human smart.

The possibilities of its uses are almost endless.  This incident above all else convinced me that this was no ape or animal.  It spoke of human reasoning.

We are setting ourselves up to failure when we classify them like we do with bears or other wildlife.

In case you haven’t figured it out when you put a trail cam up, they are watching you do this and will naturally tamper with it or avoid it.

I am truly amazed that people continue to do this and are surprised when they get no results.

We are making it easy for them.  I feel the key to success is being respectful and thinking of their humanity.

Robin Roberts

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Erik October 12, 2013 at 7:22 pm

This kind of thinking is deeply flawed. Reaching only the conclusions that support your premise is called religion, not science.


Robin Roberts October 14, 2013 at 2:21 am

Hi Eric,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to comment on our website. Our group welcomes all comments. It does not matter if you agree with us or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally welcome comments that question our findings. It gives us a different perspective and keeps us on our toes.

The one thing I would like to clarify about is what we have posted on our website. It is only a fraction of what we have obtained over many years of hard work. We literally have our boots in the field investigating almost every week. This is a continuous process that many of us in SIR do on a consistent basis. I am personally out in the field almost every weekend. I am gone more than being home on the weekends. What you see on our website is a condensed collection of our evidence. If we put just a third of our findings on it would be so large that it would take you days to go through it.

With that said I would like to address your comment:

Religion is based on belief. In fact I consider myself to be a Christian that is grounded on belief and having a life style that goes with it. I know that there is a God based on my belief.

Now I will answer you about the subject of Sasquatch. I know that there is a bipedal primate living in our woods and forests here in Colorado. Why do I know that there is one? It is based on my evidence and findings I have collected over the years. I have obtained physical evidence that point to their existence and I have personally seen and heard them. My knowledge is based on the facts that I have gathered and experienced. Belief is not a factor in this at all.

Why did I draw the conclusion about our forest friends being part of humanity? This conclusion is based on what I have gathered, seen and heard while out in the field. There is no doubt to me about this. This is based on what I have learned about animal, human and Sasquatch behavior. This species is unique in that it displays both great ape and human behaviors.

So I will end my long windedness with this-SIR uses facts. What you see from SIR is evidence collected without the faith or belief in Sasquatch. We don’t believe in Sasquatch, we know because of our evidence. There is a difference.
Robin Roberts


Harold Bennett July 31, 2014 at 3:05 am

Thanks Robin, for sharing your campground experience and follow-up comments for Eric. Very good description of your facts based conclusions. As Eric continues to examine the evidence, most likely he will come to the same conclusion. I too was skeptical for a period of time. Please continue sharing what you can with the rest of us. Thanks.
Harold Bennett


TruthHunter June 11, 2016 at 8:30 pm

While the humanity of the FP(Forest People) seems likely, there are also profound differences. The ability to see in the dark is a far greater cultural divide than being covered with hair. Not needing or wanting clothing, even for modesty still is a huge difference. Having such great strength that tools for butchering or hunting aren’t needed is also huge. Even their bipedalism is different. Most have long enough arms to effectively gallop as fast as a runner on hands and feet. We are confronted with a race so different that we find it hard to understand them.

I tend to side with Eric in a narrow sense. While taking charcoal for the stomach isn’t outside the realm of possibility, it seems unlikely. Charcoal would be available after forest fires. Discovering a use of it for stomach ailments or indigestion seems fantastic. Since they seldom hoard, carry or use containers, and typically consume acquisitions immediately. Proof they were taking it from the fire pit for medicine requires more specific evidence.
Occam’s razor says, simply playing with the remains of the fire.


Sandy May 30, 2017 at 9:16 pm

What a plasuere to find someone who thinks through the issues


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