Sasquatch Handprint Photos

Here’s a suspected Sasquatch handprint that was placed on the side of the bed of my pickup, at 4am in a rain storm on a
Thursday night in July. (the picture of my Dodge Dakota gives you a reference for where the print appeared)

Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Dakota

The culprit came out of a steep ravine behind our campsite.
This ravine is too steep to traverse without rope assistance.

We suspect this maybe some of the best evidence around for the existence of Sasquatch.

It is unique, it is measurable and the experience was remarkable to say the least.

If you left this much evidence at the scene of a crime, you would surely be in big trouble is our thought.

Bigfoot Handprint Photo

Here’s a close up of the dermal ridges.

Bigfoot Handprint Photo Closeup

Bigfoot Handprint Picture 3This poor quality, very hasty camera shot was taken very late on the morning the hand print occurred in nighttime conditions by me in 2009.

I had forgot about it and found it after reviewing old photos on my 35 mm camera stock.

It clearly shows the mess that was left on the side of the bed of my truck with the hand print that night in the rain.

Honestly, now I wish I would have paid more attention to the mess on the right of the hand print as well.

Plus, note the mud extends over the bed of the truck.

Bigfoot handprint compared to other animalsFor reference, this image shows known animal dermal ridge patterns of hands for primates.

As you can clearly see the oval pad on the hand print left
on my truck is not a match to any of these.

The oval pad on the hand print on my 2000 Dodge Dakota
truck is on the left edge of the print opposite the thumb.

It does not seem to match any known human dermal ridge patterns as well.

The location of the oval pad is unique. Plus, its size is quite unique.

The dermal ridges are 1/16″ of an inch apart, which is extremely large compared to all known primates.

We have asked for assistance from science and skeptics alike to determine its exact origins. To date, we have had no takers.



Here’s a story from one of our Sasquatch Investigators in Colorado, Kristi DeLoach

I was on vacation the week of July 4th, 2012.  My husband and I were camped in undeveloped space in the mountains.  The first weekend we had nice weather and while sitting by the campfire at night I had been able to detect eyeshine from the Sasquatch peeking at us from the edge of the woods.  We were camped in a small clear area that adjoined a area heavily forested with a lot of ground cover and large boulders.

Then, we began to experience much needed rain.  My husband was working that week but commuted back and forth to the campsite.  We have a 30 foot fifth wheel and the awning is higher than my husband or I could reach.  To get the collected rain off the awning we used a broom to raise the awning so the water would run off.

The 4th of July we left the mountains after my husband got in from work.  We went to my son and daughter-in-law’s home for barbeque and an evening visit.  Just before we left the camper we went through the water dumping routine.  It was repeated when we got back to camp that evening.

The next morning my husband left for work about 6:30 a.m.  I was sitting in a lawn chair under the awning while enjoying a cup of coffee and reflecting on what a grand moment I was blessed with.  The rainfall had washed the dust from the trees and grass so they were fresh and clean.

The early morning air was cool and brisk and the birds were singing in the trees.  Then…..I looked up and saw something that totally amazed me.  Right over my head in the middle of the awning was a huge smeary muddy hand print.

Colorado Bigfoot Handprint Kristi 1

Colorado Bigfoot Handprint Kristi 2

The Sasquatch had visited our camper and mimicked us raising the awning to pour the rain water off the awning.
It unwittingly left me a message that I will cherish forever in my mind’s eye.

Kristi Deloach

Find out more about our Bigfoot Research

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Have you tried to contact Jimmy Chilicut? He is an expert in primate prints. He was featured in Dr. Jeff Meldrum’s DVD “Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science”.


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