Kristi DeLoach – Sasquatch Investigator in Colorado

Colorado Bigfoot Researcher Kristi DeLoach Kristi was born in Athens, Ohio and moved to Colorado in May of 1994. She is a lover of the outdoors and is an avid camper. Her love of Colorado has grown as the years passed and she experienced the joys of backpacking and spending time in the remote wilderness areas of Colorado camping and hiking.

Always being a believer in Sasquatch, her belief of their existence was confirmed in the winter of 2012 when she and her husband, Robin, discovered a set of large in-line tracks in the snow. She began researching in the area and came upon a small valley where she and her family have spent many hours interacting with the Sasquatch.

That interaction has included the leaving of gifts for the Sasquatch and the thrill of acceptance when they would, in turn, leave gifts of feathers,pine cones, stick symbols and grasses. Although no visual encounter has been experienced as of September 2012, Kristi has had the pleasure of finding many foot prints and tree breaks and of hearing whoops, knocks, whistles, tree breaks and rock clacks as well as tiny “wups” repeated over and over that she believes were made by an infant Sasquatch.

Eyeshine has become more frequent on night research excursions and the Sasquatch are steadily getting closer as the friendship between them and Kristi culminates. She believes that continued kindness and patience will result in a visual encounter when they feel it is time.

Kristi is eager to continue her research and hopes to be rewarded with insightful knowledge she can share with fellow researchers and others who have questions about Sasquatch.

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