Tony Lombardo – Sasquatch Investigator in Colorado

Tony Lombardo - Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Field ResearcherTony is a California native and just moved to Colorado in September of 2012. He became interested in the Sasquatch as a child growing up in the foothills of Northern California. Since July of 2011 he has been producing a short documentary about the phenomena regarded to by the S.I.R. as “Sizzling.”

Tony has been out in the field in California and Colorado with more than one group of Bigfoot researchers. In Colorado, he has been with SIR for a week in the field at two locations.

Tony enjoy’s working with electronics and photography, but mostly the chase. He is extremely interested in the Infra sound phenomenon and it dynamics. He looks forward to many new adventures in the future.

Here’s some of my Bigfoot research articles:

Sasquatch Research Field Report 01-22-13

by Michael on January 26, 2013

This Colorado Bigfoot Investigations of the Rockies Field Report shows a series of pictures that Robin Roberts and Tony Lombardo took on 01/21/13, at one of the research spots where a 17 inch foot print and clump of black hair was previously found This is a good sized mesa with steep cliffs surrounding it.  The […]

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Many knowledgeable and honorable people in the field in the Bigfoot world know that you can only show or try and prove about 5% of the things that happen. Evidence is difficult to obtain, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Our 12 days of SIR Christmas stories will share some of our best experiences. […]

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This Colorado Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Field Report shows a series of photographs taken during a recent week long trip to two of our field locations in Central Colorado and Northern Colorado. Many great things were discovered. This is a brief compilation I have put together to show you what we had seen and experienced […]