Our Bigfoot Evidence

In our Sasquatch / Bigfoot research, technology definitely helps us see things that otherwise tend to be hidden, so we take the following research tools on our expeditions:

Night vision with infrared to see in the dark

Stealth cameras that are placed in trees at suspected crossing paths

Digital cameras and a HD video recording device

3 digital audio recorders, and a shotgun microphone to zoom in on sounds

But the most important thing is to spend as much time as possible exploring the beautiful
Rocky Mountains.

Our greatest asset is our camping gear that allows us to stay in remote areas for up to
2 weeks at a time, even in sub-freezing temperatures. Our longest trip this year was eight consecutive nights in the field.

What do we look for in our Bigfoot research?

Besides the obvious answer of Class 1 Bigfoot sightings, there are signs to look for to detect their presence.

Bigfoot Research Tree Break

Tree Breaks

Trees, often Aspen trees, that are broken and the top part is stripped down and angled sideways.

Sasquatch may do this as a show of force and/or to mark their territory.

Bigfoot Research Footprint

‘Bigfoot’ Footprints

We look for footprints that are very long and wide, that are obviously not be human.

Toe impressions are important, since people don’t walk around barefoot in the woods.

Sasquatch are very heavy, so their foot compacts the soil much more than other animals.

The stride, which is the length between the footprints, indicates the height of the animal.

Bigfoot Research Scat

Bigfoot Scat

Where there’s animals, there’s scat, and large scat indicates a big animal. The length of the pile exceeded 12″.

Bears typically eat berries, so they will show up in the scat.

This scat also had a very pungent smell that we feel most resembles the smell of a Sasquatch.


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gavin begg January 23, 2013 at 8:09 am

ye i know u wait before passing a post. so i guess thi is more to the site owers!
if this is supposed BF scat and nor bear or esquine why not get DNA testing done on it and b the 1st o prove BF scat excists. srely thats a first,ive never heard of it, why is that instaed of authortvely saying “this is BF scat”. I can say its unicorn scat.its stupid guys!

surely u dontwant a viewer base of robots who dumbly agree with the 1 pic ,which i thik is an illussion of tree/leaves and branches, but ask allow desecenting voices who dont see what u see.

Do remember we all want there to be 10ft 800pd[i feel stupid even writing it] out there. I wouldnt check out BF sites if i didnt. I just wont do it blindly or publicly[if im honest]. so fai play for going ut there and at least doing it. Thts appreciated as itfves us armchair researchers something to look at. so stay safe but keep it democratic at least then we might get somewhere.im not talking troll[although thats how u people seem to label decenteors]and swering etc but just an alternative view



Robin Roberts September 22, 2013 at 6:13 am

We don’t expect or want people to blindly agree or believe what we say. The pictures that are posted are an indication of Sasquatch related activity that we have learned to read or in some cases are the evidence of what we heard/saw and then took the picture showing it.

On an on-going basis we are out in the field actively looking. We see in the span of a weekend hundreds/thousands of tree breaks and structures or other things in the forest. Why do we only have very few pictures in comparison to this vast number seen? We carefully look at the surroundings and what is seen. We look for wind/snow load/animals/human causes with each one that catches our eye. Why only a few? 9 times out of the 10 that catches our attention we figure out the cause for it. It is that 1 that doesn’t. What is more interesting is that the 1 can be seen in different locations but have the same characteristics. It is these characteristics that we learn is Sasquatch related. Usually there is more involved that points to them.

At one location where we found a teepee structure and tree breaks, a black hair was found close by. It was clinging to the side of a coarse boulder 5 feet up that ringed the narrow pathway we were going down. It was 5 inches long with taper end that never has been cut. This is in the middle of a National Forest. There is no trail going to this spot where the pathway is located.

All living things in our forests and woods leave signs including Sasquatch. By careful analysis and trial/error you can tell the difference. I have photos of prints I have encountered that are coyote, bear, mountain lion, birds, people and yes, even Sasquatch. Every one of them show distinct and different characteristics that indicates what left that print. The same thing applies to tree breaks and structures. The wind, snow, people, animals such as elk or bear or others and even Sasquatch all have distinct characteristics. If I or other SIR investigators are unable to figure out the cause then it is unknown and probably wind.

A picture is only a one-dimensional shot of what is seen 3 dimensional. Trying to capture the whole thing in this manner is frustrating. Usually there are several factors involved and only a flat picture captured it.

I hope this help you understand better on why we have posted what we have. Unless you go out and explore the forest you won’t know the difference that I know about the forest. When I encounter a tree break I can tell the cause of how it was broken but to some it is only a tree break. Or if I see a bare footprint I can tell if it is human or possible Sasquatch. The size, tread marks, depth of print, the stride pattern and width of print are all indications of what made the print. I factor all of that in my analysis. All you see is a one-dimensional picture trying to capture all that I have seen.

I don’t believe in Sasquatch. I KNOW that there are Sasquatch living in our woods and forests here in North America. No doubt because of what I have found and seen.


Jenn May 30, 2017 at 9:37 pm

Stay with this guys, you’re henpilg a lot of people.


Dawn Conti July 2, 2014 at 3:01 pm

I must doubt tree breaks as evidence as wind and bears and even deer can and do break trees.
The deer by my house have broken many smaller trees pulling on branches to eat the leaves.
I do not put any faith in tree breaks as real evidence.
The ONLY evidence it represents, is a broken tree.
IF there were s few large human like footprints at the base of said tree.
THEN I would be all ears.
BUT till then, Let us not jump to conclusions about what caused the break.
It is EXTREMELY dificult to take a TRUE scientific approach to research of any kind.
EVERYONE would like there goals to come true on any research project.
BUT we MUST remain skeptical when doing research,
WE can ONLY disprove.
AND what is left are the facts.


Mark Thomas November 16, 2015 at 4:01 am

So Dawn, disprove that the tree breaks were caused by BF. Do your deer break 4″ live trees 10 feet in the air? There are many ‘scientific’ ways to rule out natural causes such as wind, etc. When you have done these, then the odds of something ‘unusual’ creating them rises. While this won’t ‘prove BF did it, it does mean it is a viable possibility. I agree with the skeptical approach too. But not to the extent that you discard what could be valuable information just because there are multiple possibilities of what created it.


Michael November 16, 2015 at 8:36 pm

I do not talk about this much, but in my profession I handle snow load related damages, wind damages, and hurricane type damages for over 28 years in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and the United States. I am an expert at identifying and handling these types of damages and determining their cause. I do not take tree breaks lightly and I back up what I post. There are many factors I take into consideration when determining the cause of a tree break. The main factor is are there Sasquatches present in the area, but there are many others as well, not just one factor.


Joe Dollar March 11, 2015 at 11:09 pm

Thats Totally Unicorn Poop ! HAHAHA ! This is Joe from the SSW and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I love skeptics because they make the best believers of all ! Its easy to sit at your house and say that Sasquatches dont exist ! Its the safe n sane thing for most people to do . Gavin , I challenge you to challenge yourself by getting your own research going , day and night runs in your local woods . I have a feeling you might change your mind . Holla back at us n let us know how that goes ! Good Luck !


Zak Eagle December 6, 2016 at 3:58 pm

Hey can I join the team?


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