Sasquatch Investigations Of The Rockies Interviews

Sasquatch Investigations Of The Rockies founders has been interviewed several times.  Click on the links to listen to the interviews.

Blogtalk radio interview with Jeff and Theresa Yelek (09-15-15)

Crypto Tracker Chronicles – Yelek Bigfoot (09-09-15)

This interview is from the Nite Callers series and features the research, evidence and experiences of SIR researcher Robin Roberts.(06-19-15)

The ‘X’ Zone with Rob McConnell: Theresa Yelek  (09-16-2014)

The ‘X’ Zone with Rob McConnell: Jeff Yelek  (09-15-2014)

Free Fire Radio – Outside The Wire interview with Michael Johnson (11-15-2013)

The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team interview with Michael Johnson (1-17-2011)

The Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team interview with Michael and Scott (1-24-2011)

Night Callers interview with Michael and Scott (2-13-2011)

Below is the transcript from our interview with J. Anderson (8-19-2010)

Bigfoot Research Interview with J. Anderson

You can meet a lot of unique people while doing Bigfoot research. Some people create hoaxes, others are just out to make a buck, and as the country song says “….God is great, beer is good and people are crazy.”

When I weed through it all I come across some websites and Bigfoot research teams that seem to be regular people doing interesting things.

The research team from Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies (SIR) has a pretty good website with helpful information and photos of prints, stick structures and even a hand print on their truck. They’ve also had experiences with “gifting” which many Habituation Sites use in their research.

Most of their field work is done in the Colorado Rockies, an area you don’t here much about when it comes to Bigfoot — but the Bigfoots are present. Here’s my interview with Scott Walter and Mike Johnson, the founders of SIR.

What are your backgrounds and interests in Bigfoot research?

Scott: I have been interested in the legend of Bigfoot for as long as I can remember, but my interest didn’t become an obsession until I moved to Colorado and had my first encounter. I have always been an outdoorsman, fishing, hunting, camping, 4-wheeling, etc.

When I got to Colorado, I became big into Mountain Biking, and I had the most life changing event happen in September of 2008. I got growled at by something that had to have lungs the size of trash cans. It wouldn’t show itself, but I knew exactly where it came from, and I wasn’t about to go over there! I thought, what animal could make this extremely low frequency vocalization that seemed to shoot right through me.

Also, if a bear, mountain lion, or whatever — wouldn’t it be attacking me if it was that angry? And this vocal was NOT friendly! I knew then what it had to be and it has been my personal mission to document one of these extremely elusive creatures ever since.  I’ll never stop pursuing this goal of catching a Bigfoot on video. It is my mission.

Mike: I found footprints with my brother in the early 1990’s and started searching the area of the footprints myself for 18 years. I traversed into this area 50 to 60 times and had 4 significant events occur. In my investigation I learned a lot about what to look for.

Have you had a Class A sighting?

Mike: We assume you mean a full visual of a Bigfoot. We have a different classification system than other organizations. SIR calls this a Class 1. I have had a Class 1 encounter with a male Sasquatch at about 20 yards at Rampart Range in the Pikes Peak area. I was with Scott when the GEN 3 Night Vision incident occurred.

Scott: I haven’t had anything that I can officially call a Class 1, because I am really strict on being 100% sure. I have seen, what I am 90% sure were 2 BF through GEN 3 night vision a year ago, and in May I saw a tall figure jump up from behind a large log near camp in full moon conditions, but really can’t say it was a BF. Nothing like Mike though… I’m jealous!

What’s the goal of your website?

The goal of the website is five fold.

1.) We wanted to give the general public a source to report encounters that would be taken seriously and responded to in a timely fashion if requested.

2.) The reports, these are a key piece to S.I.R. because it keeps us up to date with current and past locations of activity ‘” and we heavily document and research all credible reports we get.

3.) We wanted to market some of our merchandise, so can have the most state of the art equipment for documentation of these animals, as this is not a cheap endeavor.

4.) SIR wants to give back. We will be giving 5% of our merchandise profits annually to help in the battle of Pine Beetle kill going on here in the Rockies. It is devastating the habitat for all native animals including, our favorite, the Sasquatch.

5.) We want to educate the public through our research with full disclosure.

Have you captured any video in the Rockies?

Scott: We have caught some interesting video, but nothing conclusive ‘” I classify it as Class 4 because I couldn’t see a profile of the animal. Since we don’t have thermals yet, I use night vision with IR, and I know most researchers believe BF can see up into the IR range ‘” and I do too to some extent.

Anyway, I caught some eyeshine on a solo outing not long after my experience mountain biking, and after shooting the same video in the day time with myself in the spot. We came up with a height of the eye off of the ground and it was around 6’-9″. It was caught on a weeknight at 1:00am. Even though the proof isn’t there, I would be very surprised if this wasn’t a Bigfoot taking a look at me. The video is on our website

How common are sightings in your area?

We are very proactive in talking with folks, and are finding that there are a staggering amount of people with encounters. We don’t just wait for reports to come in on the website ‘” we actively talk to friends, friends of friends, campers, hunters, people who live in BF areas, and there are tons of folks who have seen them, heard them, etc.

This is a great perk of the job, listening to people tell of common things that BF do. Just solidifies that BF are real and fairly predictable in their actions. Colorado appears to us to have a large, thriving population of Sasquatch.

What gear do you use in your research? Any techniques you’d recommend?

We have night vision with IR, stealth cams, refractory camera, digital cameras, HD video recording device, 3 digital audio recorders, shotgun microphone, etc.

Our greatest asset is our camping gear allowing us to stay in remote areas for up to 2 weeks at a time, even in sub-freezing temperatures. Our longest trip this year was eight consecutive nights in the field.

You have very interesting stick structures on your website. What’s your working theory on stick structures? What’s their purpose and why do Bigfoots use them?

We really have not found any of the typical stick structures you may find in your area. Hunters build them here so we really can’t tell if they are Sasquatch related or not. In our area, we find lay-downs and ambush points near game trails.

The trees here are large enough to lay beneath and be camouflaged very well. We don’t think they need stick structures here as much ‘” the canopy of the pines act as cover.

Why do BFs care about objects, gifts?

We hypothesize that it is a form of bartering or friendship. We give them food, and they give us branches and rocks, which is all they have to give. They left Mike’s son Trenton an aspen branch (as on the website pictures) because he was playing with a shorter one earlier in the day. They must have been watching and found his playing interesting.

Your example of marbles on a log is interesting. These are such small objects in a large forest. How could anything even notice them? Do you think you are being watched by BFs the entire time you are in their forest?

We are feeding them and they are leaving us gifts in the same spot. We have had a perfectly round lava rock, a piece of amber, an aspen branch, and pine branches.

We also had an incident where we went to town for a couple hours and a branch was left in our outfitters tent and the door was unzipped. Yes, we think they are watching us night and day.

Why are BFs, in your opinion, so difficult to record on video? Why have your attempts to record gifting (such as the food on the tree trunk) resulted in no images?

We believe they are elusive because of guns. They undoubtedly have seen the power of guns and how they can kill, so this has to be part of the reason. These forest beings are smart and we suspect they watch us constantly when we are in their area.

Therefore they know what we’re up to as far as surveillance most of the time. Also, we believe they can hear, smell or see the surveillance equipment.

What advice do you give to Bigfoot enthusiasts who want to do research in near their states?

To be diligent, open minded, be familiar with local BF behavior, and habitat. Most important: be in the field as much as you can.

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