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by Michael on January 29, 2012

Sasquatch research investigator Mike Johnson responds to a recent comment.

When you’re trying to befriend the shyest being in the world you take your time, what’s the rush, this is one mistake others are making.

I have seen momma. She has 19″ prints and is over 10 feet tall. It took 5 years for her to be comfortable to show herself to me and then it was from a 100 yards. She is cinnamon and gray.

She was coming out in 2010 between two of us and was less than 10 feet away between us and the other investigator I was with, who is no longer in the group, panicked and tried to shine a flash light on her and she ran away.

I was not mad at the investigator, I understood his fear, but I no longer have the fear. It was however disappointing.

She jumped so high and moved so fast he couldn’t even hit her with the beam. She almost ran me over, but was so athletic it she avoided hurting me at all. She just grazed me. I saw her back as she ran up the abandoned logging road.

This mistake set us back at least a year with her.

In Kentucky, the Erickson project, took photos of a family feeding a small female for decades and now she is gone forever, we don’t want that either.

We are thinking about our every move and taking our time. I not rushing to prove they exist, I know this. I will be here to help them and defend them when humanity finally realizes we are not alone.

I am honestly trying to befriend them and help them anyway I can and educate those who wish it in a honest fashion.

Plus, in the beginning when we too thought they were just animals like most folks still do, we put IR stealth cams around the meat. It failed miserably. The IR appears to hurt them, so they white it out. They whited out our stealth cams 15 plus times.

The tree that is broken on the bottom of the trail cam tab is a result of their displeasure with us. Sleeping around angry Sasquatches that can break whole trees is not a good thing.

When they are ready I personally believe they will just walk out and let us take as many pictures as we want. I am patient.

We have changed gears based on experience. They hate anything you point at them, weather it is guns, flash lights, car head lights, camera flash as they equate the human point to pain. Its not very friendly anyway is it, so this makes trust imperative?

Look at all we gathered as a result of being different and look at all those that have failed for so long. This is why we will stay the course in our Sasquatch research.

I am a patient man, good things come to he who waits. Thanks, for the comment.


Mike J

Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies

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