S.I.R. Bigfoot Research Partners

Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies now has Bigfoot Research Partners.

They follow the same mantra of respect and good deeds for our forest friends.

We share the same philosophy, goals and desires.

We work together to further each others research with our forest friends.

North/Northeastern Sasquatch Investigations

Brad Corless – Idaho, Utah and Wyoming

Sasquatch Investigator Brad Corless - Idaho, Utah and WyomingBrad is a native of Northern Utah he grew up hunting, fishing and exploring the Northern Mountains of Utah.  He learned how big game animals and non-game animals live and move in the forest at a young age.

He’s been a big game hunter and avid outdoorsman his whole life, and has been a hunting guide, trapper, and a U.S. Forest Service range crew – forest fire fighter.

Brad has been researching and chasing Bigfoot since the Patterson film of 1967. Brad has also had three visual encounters himself.

Other encounters include rock throwing, howls, and roars.  The mountains are the only place that he truly calls home.  Brad is excited to be a part of S.I.R. and to prove Bigfoot is real!

Sawatch Squatch Watch

Joe and Kathy Dowlearn – Central Colorado

Kathy and Joe Sawatch Squatch Watch Joe and Kathy Dowlearn both grew up in the Texas Hill Country and have a love of the outdoors.

After moving to Colorado in 2011 and having a few odd experiences while camping and gold prospecting, they turned their thoughts to the possibilities of Sasquatch.

In 2013 they formed the Sawatch Squatch Watch, named after their primary area of research, the Sawatch range in central Colorado.

Finding, seeing, and hearing evidence first hand has created two more believers!

Although the SSW is in its infancy, their mission is to educate humans  and help protect our forest friends!

Our new Bigfoot Research Partners are a great addition to our Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Investigation Team to increase our research capacity.

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Joe Dollar ! February 12, 2014 at 2:23 pm

Wassup Squatchers ? This is Joe of the SSW given a shout to my excellent squatchin buds @ the SIR & other organizations ! Can’t wait to get out there with you guys in the spring ! Beer n Bigfoot @ Currents on first Sundays @ 2 pm is really starting to get rollin thanx to Miss Robin helping light a fire under me a year ago ! Wow ! Where did the time go ? So much evidence and good times so fast ! The ranks of the SSW are swelling up with a few crazy n kool locals , young n old alike . We have made some contacts with local BFRO peeps and have a new bi-weekly AM snow trax searching project starting up ! Wish us luck ! See you on local TV soon !


Debbie McFarland June 29, 2014 at 8:27 pm

Hi — just found your site. I’m wondering if there are any researchers or teams in New Mexico, specifically near Santa Fe? I’d like to be involved if so and hope that you can connect me with anyone in this area who is researching Sasquatch. Thank you!

Debbie McFarland


Mitchel N. Townsend January 6, 2016 at 4:06 am

You might be interested in a Paper that I recently co-wrote concerning “teeth marks” in Dear and Elks ribs. The evidence is quite compelling.


The paper is about Hominin bite evidence that we collected from three different locations around Mount St. Helen’s. The conclusions are found on pages 75-80.

M. Townsend


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