Sasquatch Investigations of the Rockies Report 03-30-2011

by Michael on March 30, 2011

This Sasquatch research event occured in March, 2011 in Gilpin County Colorado.

Sasquatch Mystery TreesWhile Michael was researching a possible Sasquatch sighting that was reported by some campers…

He accidently found this formation of four large tree stumps that had been hammered into the ground upside down.

This location is a remote forest service facility that is gated and fenced, with no access.

So Michael obtained the picture with long range camera optics.

Please note that similar activity was recently discussed on Finding Bigfoot: “Alaska’s Bigfoot Island” on the Animal Planet.

We are curious as to what is its significance. Who made it and why?  Why would the Forest Service copy Sasquatch behavior?

Or did Sasquatches who are in captivity in the gated community make it?  We don’t know?
Do you?

Please share any experiences you have had with this Sasquatch mystery.

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