Our Bigfoot Research

In our Sasquatch / Bigfoot research, technology definitely helps us see things that otherwise tend to be hidden, so we take the following research tools on our expeditions:

Night vision with infrared to see in the dark

Stealth cameras that are placed in trees at suspected crossing paths

Digital cameras and a HD video recording device

3 digital audio recorders, and a shotgun microphone to zoom in on sounds

But the most important thing is to spend as much time as possible exploring the beautiful
Rocky Mountains.

Our greatest asset is our camping gear that allows us to stay in remote areas for up to
2 weeks at a time, even in sub-freezing temperatures. Our longest trip this year was eight consecutive nights in the field.

What do we look for in our Bigfoot research?

Besides the obvious answer of Class 1 Bigfoot sightings, there are signs to look for to detect their presence.

Bigfoot Research Tree Break

Tree Breaks

Trees, often Aspen trees, that are broken and the top part is stripped down and angled sideways.

Sasquatch may do this as a show of force and/or to mark their territory.

Bigfoot Research Footprint

‘Bigfoot’ Footprints

We look for footprints that are very long and wide, that are obviously not be human.

Toe impressions are important, since people don’t walk around barefoot in the woods.

Sasquatch are very heavy, so their foot compacts the soil much more than other animals.

The stride, which is the length between the footprints, indicates the height of the animal.

Bigfoot Research Scat

Bigfoot Scat

Where there’s animals, there’s scat, and large scat indicates a big animal.   The length of the pile exceeded 12″.

Bears typically eat berries, so they will show up in the scat.

This scat also had a very pungent smell that we feel most resembles the smell of a Sasquatch.


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    joseph December 9, 2012 at 2:45 pm

    Fresh snow means …. SNOW TRAX !!


    Stewart June 12, 2013 at 1:29 am

    I enjoy your website because of the openess you have to all possibilities. Quite refreshing from some of the other dogmatic and egotistical Bigfoot groups. No one has all the answers, probably never will!

    I have been blessed with multiple visual sightings and have obtained a number of pictures, videos and night vision images of this highly elusive subject. I downloaded one to U-tube called “Young Bigfoot Caught Peeking”. It is not my best stuff, but shows how cautious they can be even at distances…..


    javier huante February 22, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    I am planning on doing some hiking here in Colorado, do you have any good places I can go where I might see something in Colorado?


    Donna collier December 15, 2014 at 3:06 am

    I seen 2 on the road and one in the field across from the two on the road. It stood still like a dear until I put my bright lights on it’ the it flip and ran on all four faster then I have ever seen anything run before.. The to on the road didn’t move they were looking in to some kind of light. The one in the field was coming toward the light. I watched the hair and fat move back and fourth as it ran I was in total shock . I was 43 miles out side of any town. At first I thought it was young people lost looking down at a phone to the left of the road but they didn’t look up at all when I moved to the right of the road not to hit was in the road is when I seen the big one in the field..


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