Tree Breaks Found Near Reported Colorado Bigfoot Sighting

by Michael on November 24, 2011

A bigfoot sighting from a Colorado man led us on this Sasquatch research expedition.

Colorado Bigfoot Sighting Tree Break 009
The first photo in this sequence of three breaks next to each other is a pine tree broken at between 6-7 feet up and the top wedged in the “y” of a smaller tree.
I have seen this many times and I am unsure of the significance of it, but it is relevant, especially in conjunction with the other two breaks. My thought is this is a warning to keep out and look how strong I am, so beware.
Colorado Bigfoot Sighting Tree Break 010
The second photo shows the tree break at between 6-7 feet close up.
I am 6 foot tall and 235 pounds and I could not even come close to breaking any one of these three pine trees.
No other larger trees have fallen in this area that could have caused this damage.
Colorado Bigfoot Sighting Tree Break 011
The third photo is the second tree, which is broken much closer to the ground at about 2-3 feet.
Why, I do not know, but I saw this behavior recently in another area this summer as you will see later on in this photo sequence.
The fourth photo is tree number three in the sequence.
Colorado Bigfoot Sighting Tree Break 016
It shows evidence of an older cut completed by man. The tree grew back, only to be twisted later on, by what I believe was a Sasquatch.
This tree is significant in that it shows how we do things and they do things. We cut things, they twist things with great force. 
It takes a tremendous amount of torque and force to bend a tree and not break it, which we do not possess. It is always a good sign of their presence when you find twisted pines in your midst.


Colorado Bigfoot Sighting Tree Break 018
The fifth picture in this sequence shows the twisted tree in front of the tree jammed in the “y” behind it.
All of these trees are in a triangle cluster in a cut up the side of a relatively steep hill in a small gulley.
The sixth picture is from North Park, Colorado from this summer and shows the same behavior in a different area.


Colorado Bigfoot Sighting Tree Break 021
During this trip in North Park, we were the only one in this location for 5 days at the end of the road that dead ends.
Many trees were broken during the day around us as a sign of intimidation. Ironically, a forest service trail was blocked by one of these breaks. 
A logical conclusion in my eyes is this means keep out. I will say this, you can feel an uneasy tension some times when you find a remote group like this. In the beginning, they are never happy to be found.


The first five photos in this sequence I found after meeting a Colorado man, we will call Bill, on a recent sighting near Castle Rock, Colorado. He had reported seeing a large bi pedal entity cross the road in front of him on Tuesday November 1, 2011 at night in blizzard conditions in his fog lights.

There was a vehicle in front of him as well and the entity crossed between the two vehicles. It cleared a barb wire fence with ease and headed out into a pasture with no houses on this side of the road for at least a mile either way into open pastureland.

I had heard of reports of activity in this area in the 1980′s and then again in early 2000, but was pleasantly surprised to find it appears there is still maybe a group active on the Palmer Divide. These tree breaks, although not new,  to me represent the possibility of them still be around supporting Bill’s sighting. I found these within 1 hour of our meeting.

I will be in the area again soon looking for more recent activity and signs of their presence. I hope this helps you understand the importance of tree breaks and the role they play in finding what your looking for. They are an integral part of why we are so successful at what we do.

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    capt. myke david September 16, 2013 at 6:52 pm

    squatches do break trees, generaly 6 to 8 feet on trunk above ground most common place, some times they break at rootbase, any more i pack a .357mag when in backcountry, a animal that can break trees is nothing to take lightly.


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